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3 Month Program



The program is designed to help a total beginner and make them independent in the gym. Not only do I teach you all the weightlifting fundamentals, but I also teach you why you’re doing what you’re doing, and how to track / continue your progress well after you’re done lifting with Happy Lifts.

Learn how to...

- Proper technique

-Plan workouts

- Track progress

- Self correct


Month 1 - $500

Month 2 - $500

Month 3 - $0

“Learning to lift and how to use all the equipment at the gym has always been intimidating, but Serbrina makes it so easy and accessible. She explains the exercises and equipment thoroughly and is incredibly patient with complete beginners like me.”


Total Program

Cost - $1000

“Training in a little group of like minded women is so motivating and the space + people there really just make you feel safe to really go for it. I'm building weightlifting knowledge that I'll take with me through the rest of my life and it's made me feel both physically and emotionally stronger already.”


“Happy Lifts is the BEST!! I have never been very into working out, but Serbrina has me excited to lift weights. She explains things in a clear way, and easily modifies activities for your skill level.”


“I've been working out for years but now I feel more confident picking up some weights instead of doing a bunch of cardio.”


“I was a complete beginner when I started working with her and she makes learning new movements so easy and fun. I really appreciate how she not only takes time to make sure I understand the correct form and foundational concepts to make progress, but also empowers me to feel confident on my own in the gym.”


“I feel prepared to hit the gym on my own and use all the knowledge, tools, and notes Serbrina gave me to start working out at the gym and not be so afraid of that space.”


“It's so nice to lift in a positive environment with other girls who are cheering you on. No matter what kind of mood you come in with, you're always leaving happy (and maybe a little sore)”



Transform your fitness journey with Happy Lifts - Building Strength, Fostering Happiness.

Talk to you soon!

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