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Happy Lifts is a weightlifting community and gym for women based in Long Beach California, founded by Serbrina Koogle in August of 2022 with the mission to inspire shy girls to step into their power through strength training. In July of 2020, Serbrina discovered her love for lifting. She said,  


     "When I started lifting I got this new connection with myself. I started experiencing true self love for the first time that wasn't rooted in the way that i looked but rooted in the pride i felt for getting strong. Weightlifting didn't just strengthen my body. It strengthened my mind and my heart and continues to do that today".


Like many new lifters, Serbrina felt intimidated and overwhelmed at first. But with the support of her friends, and hard work, she became a certified personal trainer in May of 2022 and started the first official Happy Lifts 3 month program in August of that same year. 

Her philosophy as a trainer is that if a routine is miserable, it’s not sustainable, hence the name Happy Lifts!  Whatever your goals are, Happy Lifts aims to be a supportive and inclusive community where women can find joy in movement. In addition to small classes and personal training sessions, Happy Lifts also offers a number of free events from lifting workshops to social meet-ups, and goal-accountability groups. Whether you’re an experienced lifter looking for a little extra guidance, a total beginner, or just searching for your gym-bestie, Happy Lifts has something for you!

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