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Lift Strong, Live Happy.

Become a Happy Lifter

Experience a revolution in weightlifting at Happy Lifts. Our patient and comprehensive teaching approach ensures that everyone, especially women new to the gym, can find confidence and strength in every lift.

Tailored Sessions: Affordable and Flexible

Join our personalized training sessions priced between $25-$40 per hour. Sessions are available in our private gym on weekdays from 3-7 pm.

1. Sign up: Begin your journey of self discovery and self love. Sign up for Happy Lifts 

2. Consult call: Expect a phone call to discuss your goals and see how Happy Lifts can help you. 


Happy Lifts is a celebration of strength, confidence, and joy through weightlifting. Join a community of women committed to growing physically and mentally resilient. 


Join Happy Lifts 

Transform your fitness journey with Happy Lifts - Building Strength, Fostering Happiness.

Talk to you soon!

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